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Clash Reports Resetting- Tracking Clashes

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03-11-2013 09:59 AM



I have ran into an issue when running/tracking collisions.


First I run a clash test and mark up the clashes and organize them to be turned into a report. Navisworks automatically saves the data and if the model is updated the issues become resolved.


HOWEVER lets say you review 1st floor mechanical then 2ndfloor mechanical, and you isolate the sets (selection tree items, levels, etc however you break your model up) and hide everything else to make viewing much easier. If you "update all" clash reports and no longer have the 1st floor models selected it updates the 1st floor and says all the clashes are resolved. You can even try to correct this problem and unhide everything and reupdate it. You still loose all of your information you just inputed and the clashes are all appearing again as new. They no longer show that the clash was assigned or any comment that was inputed. This  makes it extremely hard to track...


Is this suppose to happen? Is there a fix? Is there a best practice that prevents this?

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Re: Clash Reports Resetting- Tracking Clashes

04-04-2013 05:01 PM in reply to: sta

Thank for visiting our blog.


Unfortunately this is an issue that our development team is working on a fix.

I will add your issue to the existing one but

I understand that this may be an issue, so I am including the following link. It is setup for you to submit feature requests, or feedback, directly to our development team:


I encourage you to use the feedback link as our Development group is always interested and would like to hear your feedback directly, since you are better suited to state the business case for a feature request.



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