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Autodesk Render for animation in Navisworks 2013

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12-01-2012 12:18 AM



Im using the Autodesk render option when creating an animation of a model created in Autocad.

When the animation is rendered the material properties i've assgned to the model dissapear and objects

revert to the original Autocad layers used to create the 3d objects.


I've opted to use this render option as the animation is much smoother and image quality is better.


Any solutions??

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Re: Autodesk Render for animation in Navisworks 2013

12-03-2012 02:34 PM in reply to: Modellikeabaws

Using Autocad for the render style means that the materials used in Navisworks are ignored and Autocad materials used instead. If you haven't applied materials in Autocad you'll just see the Autocad colour for each object. I myself have not worked out how to get the autocad materials coming out with any sort of quality yet and don't intend to as it seems I get superior results using the presenter option for rendering in navisworks.


If you are having issues with quality in your avi files, try using a standard digital frame size i.e. 1920x1080 or 1280x720


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Re: Autodesk Render for animation in Navisworks 2013

01-11-2013 02:58 AM in reply to: Modellikeabaws

The adoption of Autodesk Consistent Materials is an on-going process in Navisworks. We support a large number of file formats, and for each one that works with the CM library the associated converter has to be updated individually to provide CM materials instead of/in addition to Presenter materials. This can be time-consuming.


Autodesk Render uses CM materials; Presenter Render uses Presenter materials. The two are quite incompatible as they are different rendering technologies. Which are present in your model will depend on whether the file converter has support for which material type. For example, FBX does support CM. DWG currently still converts materials to Presenter.


It is an area we are focusing on for future releases.


Hope that helps,



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Re: Autodesk Render for animation in Navisworks 2013

01-19-2013 06:17 AM in reply to: Modellikeabaws


I have the same problem but I change my material even erase it completely. the problem is with a render or video the 3D object I do the render, it just erase a surface and the inside of the solid appear a lot of diferent line.

I work with Inventor, Revit, argis, Civil 3D and autocad in all the mothers program the desing looks perfect, it is only when I append the document and when I make the Render its when it happen.


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