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Assembly Issues

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06-27-2011 06:47 AM

I just got Navisworks Simulate as I was referenced to it as a solution to my problems for building a 3D model for my project. So far it has been outstanding in viewing every file that I have. However, it does not seem intuiative and that is where my issues are stemming from.


The two things I need to do are 1.) Rotate objects/assemblies relative to where they will be inserted, and snap them into position. Aka, I insert a part into the file and it is not immediately aligned with the main structure, however rotating it I cant find an option to make "Wall-A" parallel to "Wall-B". I have used the help menu to find some answers, but it seems to lack detail in description. And 2.) I have a full piping system that I need to insert, and Navisworks doesnt seem to know how to differentiate between multiple sub-assemblies, and instead turns all my pieces into individual parts therefore making it impossible to manipulate a single sub-assembly without taking it apart. Is there any way to "ground" an assembly before insertion?


I've used Inventor and SolidWorks for quite awhile now, and building assemblies with them is quite easy. Am I just not getting it with Navisworks, or are there others with the same problem? Thanks for the help.

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Re: Assembly Issues

06-27-2011 07:18 AM in reply to: JaxMannie

As for an update, I have figured how to effeciently rotate my objects, for the most part. To be specific about what I meant above is that I am looking to do snap rotations relative to planes or walls (I know the tool exists, just hasn't been immediately intuative), and fully assemble designs without them blowing up as I move them from point A to poinit B. 

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