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Anyone seen this rendering issue in NW before???

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08-16-2012 09:38 AM

We have a nice structural warehouse with all its beams, column and trusses. The model is pristine when Navigating no problems at all, but when we render; objects dissappear. Parts of the model become invisible in presenter mode. Some column dissappear, parts of trusses dissapear. Very strange stuff.

Attached is a pic mid-render. It has been print screened and cropped so it doesn't look sharp, but is shows how parts of the models are missing.

The backround is an image of a crane on site. This Image should show a nice rectangle building with gable roof style trusses.


I have the same post on AUGI:

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Re: Anyone seen this rendering issue in NW before???

08-17-2012 01:57 PM in reply to: revitforbreakfast

For models with a particularly large ground plane or large 3D space, geometry can be missing or appear jagged when rendered. This issue is currently with our development who are working on the issue. We are unable to project when a fix will be addressed, but there is a workaround that helps this issue in most cases:

You can improve render performance if you hide geometry that is not being used in your view window, very large ground planes, or that is extraneous on the outskirts of the model. You can select the geometry manually using the selection tools or by selecting the applicable entries in the Selection Tree. Right-click and select > Item hidden (or hit CTRL-H).

For example, in the view you wish to render, zoom out slightly, and use the select box to select the items that are in the view. Then in the Visibility panel of the Home tab, click Hide Unselected. The items that aren’t within the view will be hidden. Zoom back in to the camera position you wish to render from and render your image. In many cases, this will resolve the issue. You can then click Unhide All in the Visibility tab to have the items you hid reappear after you have finished rendering.

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Re: Anyone seen this rendering issue in NW before???

08-17-2012 02:36 PM in reply to: Chris.Aquino

Please, go back and give them some "encouragement" (apple, beer, cheerleaders, kick in the pants...) :smileyvery-happy:


In some cases, especially with overall views on a physically large project, its not possible to hide enough stuff to prevent this happening.

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