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Animation Issue, a lot of frame dropout

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11-15-2012 07:29 AM

I create animation with animator, but as I run this animation,  a lot of frame dropout. I don't understand, it's only a simply car moving with a straight line. this should have nothing to do with graphic card? 


Anyone can give me a guide on how to fix this issue?





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Re: Animation Issue, a lot of frame dropout

11-19-2012 08:28 AM in reply to: li71we

Hi li71we

Even though the only simply geometry of car is moving, the model in the scene view is regenerated each frame causing the dropout to occur. 

The following article should provide suggestions on how to improve performance:

A certain amount of dropout is normal for complex models, and if you lower the frame rate under Home > Project > File Options > Speed, it should reduce the amount of dropout with the tradeoff of choppier movement.

If there are certain elements that are more important to remain visible and not dropout, I would suggest selecting those elements and clicking Home > Visibility > Require.

I would also test if you see an improvement when turning off hardware acceleration under Application Button > Options > Interface > Display.  I also recommend updating your graphics card driver to the latest version that is recommended on the manufacturer’s website.

If you require no dropout and a high FPS in your animation, then I recommend exporting the animation to an AVI (Output > Visuals > Animation).

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