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4D construction

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04-07-2012 03:16 AM

Can we get the forcast volume as per MSP/Primevra schedule for plannaed and Actual in naviswork 2012/13 in time liner?

  • In detail we need see each elements volume respect with status:

Example:As per schedule planned concrete/RCC volume should be pour 100 cubic meter.

But in actual condition the RCC concrete poured is 85 cubic meter.

So that we can represnt planned vs actual volume consumption status as per month/week/days.



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Re: 4D construction

08-17-2012 06:15 AM in reply to: RNDPIS

Dear Autodesk,


This is a great would be helpful to hear an answer even a flat out no would at least be something.


As 4D begins to gain momentum this will be a more common query/requirement.


I have just been asked the same question myself today and I am investigating whether it is possible using Navisworks Simulate (Timeliner) 2013 and also alternatively using Synchro


I have asked the question of Synchro so let us see who is quickest off the mark! (it does not look like Synchro can 'see' the volume of a solid although ti doesn't look like Navis can either) I will post the anwser from Synchro here (I would imagine i'll have an answer in the next few minutes if my contact is able to access email)

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