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How to save a Search to Selection set by Navisworks API

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06-05-2012 10:52 PM

// New a Search

Navisworks.Search s = new Navisworks.Search();


// Add a search Condition

Navisworks.SearchCondition scName = Navisworks.SearchCondition.HasPropertyByDisplayName("Item", "Name");

scName = scName.EqualValue(Navisworks.VariantData.FromDisplayString(strItem));



// Get Search Result

Navisworks.ModelItemCollection searchRst = s.FindAll(Navisworks.Application.ActiveDocument, false);


if (searchRst.Count > 0)


// Save to current Search



// Create Search Set

        ComApi.InwOpSelectionSet2 ss = state.ObjectFactory
               (ComApi.nwEObjectType.eObjectType_nwOpSelectionSet) as ComApi.InwOpSelectionSet2; = selCompName;


// Add Find Spec

       ComApi.InwOpFindSpec nwFindSpec  = state.ObjectFactory

              (ComApi.nwEObjectType.eObjectType_nwOpFindSpec) as ComApi.InwOpFindSpec;


// Set Find spec with Current Search

        nwFindSpec = state.CurrentFindSpec;


        ss.ImplicitFindSpec = nwFindSpec;


// Add Search Set to Selection Sets




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Re: How to save a Search to Selection set by Navisworks API

08-01-2012 01:12 AM in reply to: ctci20299

In this case, Search is a .NET object while InwXXX are COM objects. Although COM interop allows you communicate between COM API and .NET API, this does not mean the COM objects can be assigned to the .NET objects.


Please refer to the two blogs. I think they answered your question.



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