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How to get category Index to update category to model item

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06-13-2012 06:24 PM

Hi, Everyone,

     In my in-house NW Plug-in, I need add user defined properties to a specify category,

             After first time, I need get category index to update it (code as below), If somebody can

             help , I am very appreciated.


Lee, Wenhan


Code as below :


            Navisworks.ModelItemCollection mic = new Navisworks.ModelItemCollection();


            ComApi.InwOpSelection comSels = ComApiBridge.ComApiBridge.ToInwOpSelection(mic);

            ComApi.InwSelectionPathsColl oPaths = comSels.Paths();

            ComApi.InwOaPath3 oPath = oPaths.Last() as ComApi.InwOaPath3;

            ComApi.InwGUIPropertyNode2 pNode = (ComApi.InwGUIPropertyNode2)state.

                    GetGUIPropertyNode(oPath, true);


            ComApi.InwOaPropertyVec newPvec = state.ObjectFactory

                    (ComApi.nwEObjectType.eObjectType_nwOaPropertyVec, null, null) as ComApi.InwOaPropertyVec;


            ComApi.InwOaProperty newP;


            foreach (DataRow dr in prps)
                        newP = state.ObjectFactory(ComApi.nwEObjectType.eObjectType_nwOaProperty, null, null)

                                as ComApi.InwOaProperty;

               = dr["PName"] as string;
                        newP.UserName = dr["PName"] as string;
                        newP.value = dr["PValue"] as string;
                        //MessageBox.Show(dr["PName"] + " " + dr["PValue"], strModel);


            int idx = getIndexCategory(model, catName);
            pNode.SetUserDefined(idx, catName, catName, newPvec); // idx 0: Append, othesr is replace

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Re: How to get category Index to update category to model item

06-13-2012 08:35 PM in reply to: ctci20299



        int idx = getIndexCategory(pNode, catName);


        private int getIndexCategory(ComApi.InwGUIPropertyNode2 pNode, string catName)
            int idx = 0, rst = 0;

            foreach (ComApi.InwGUIAttribute2 attribute in pNode.GUIAttributes())
                if (attribute.UserDefined)

                    if (attribute.ClassUserName == catName)
                        rst = idx;
            return rst;

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Re: How to get category Index to update category to model item

08-01-2012 01:25 AM in reply to: ctci20299

Hi ctci20299 ,


yes, what you are doing is the only way. The API does not provide the index for the catergory or property. You will need to iterate the collection and calculate the index. I would suggest storing the information.thus you can re-use them next time.

Xiaodong Liang
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