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New to 3D modeling (searching for techniques)

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05-13-2012 11:35 AM
Hello experienced sculptors. :smileyhappy:
I have just recently downloaded the student version of Mudbox and I have twiddled around and got my hands "muddy" as I've explored this vast new world of 3D modeling. As I explored I developed questions, questions that I'd like answered. Here is a list of things that I thought of while sculpting.

What is the recommended method of sculpting multiple high-detail features on say a face? For instance I want to make a pair of eyes but I don't want to meddle with them while sculpting the cheek-bone or brow. I know about freezing and locking, is that it?

Is there a way to edit the mesh of an object directly? Or is there some other way to make surfaces flat without using the flat brush? This would help for some hard surfaces I'd like to integrate into my models.

What are the necessary steps for preparing a model for painting and texturing?

Sorry if this is too much at a time to answer, I just have so many questions and nobody to ask.

As a bonus (haha) I've included a picture of my first rough, WIP mesh I currently call "Steampunk Pilot."

Thanks for reading my post.
- Onyx