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Maya>Mudbox>Topogun>Maya> Character Workflow?

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05-16-2012 07:31 PM

I am trying to establish a workflow for creating models for animation. Trying to ensure great topology and detail. Here are my steps:

1) Create rough mesh in Maya
2) Import to Mudbox and sculpt at a high level
3) Import the high level obj file into Topogun as a reference for retopology
4) Save retoped reference as a obj and import into Mudbox for final details and baking normal maps
5) Import the low poly object into Maya
6) Create my uv's using Headus UV Layout
7) Paint textures in Photoshop
8) Create shader network in Maya and connect my normals and additional maps

Has anyone tried a similar workflow and do you see any major issues with this process? Im concerned about the uv's, should they be unwrapped very early in the process or can i unwrap in the final stage?

I am not using any textures in mudbox, just looking to get a nice form to retop in topogun.
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Re: Maya>Mudbox>Topogun>Maya> Character Workflow?

05-17-2012 01:28 AM in reply to: l1tay2
you have to do the uvs on your new retopo mesh after sculpting but before baking...
without uvs you cant bake...

and if you say high detail... you will use many 4k textures... and thats no fun to paint with PS...
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Re: Maya>Mudbox>Topogun>Maya> Character Workflow?

05-17-2012 05:45 AM in reply to: l1tay2
Thank you. I completely forgot about needing the uv's for baking! Duh.

And yes I am planning on having tiled uv shells, so several 4k maps will have to be painted, luckily that is a part I enjoy.
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