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Displacement Map Problem

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04-29-2012 02:06 PM
Hi Guys.

I am a beginner. I have 2 questions.

1-I sculpt an object but when i extract displacement map, the map is so much lighter than what i sculpted. Look at my example below. Even though i sculpted very deep holes, the map looks gray and no black spots at all.

2- I want my box's edges to look like this and i create a simple box in 3ds Max. Then i send it to Mudbox. And sculpt it like in the photo and i extract a displacement map. But when i render it it doesn't look any good. What is the solution to make edges like this? I need a real help about that or i will lose my mind. TY
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Re: Displacement Map Problem

05-01-2012 05:02 AM in reply to: querorz
you could test the dispmap... if the displaced object looks like the original everything is fine...

import your level0 into a new mudbox scene...
subdivide it up to the same polycount as your highress was...
displace the object with your dispmap... maps --> sculpt using map

to get good looking displacement its best to have an even distributed quad mesh as base...
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Re: Displacement Map Problem

08-17-2012 03:30 AM in reply to: cg_oglu
hi guys? i have one questinsi make to want a digital box so plz help me how is possible?