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UV Editor issue

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05-07-2012 07:27 AM
Ya'll running SP2, reinstalled all my hotkeys and even redesigned my UI's for better work flow for my model development. I'm working primarily on hard surface geometry now a days, and ever since we had to re-install everything I haven't been able to get certain things to work like they had before. One on them is the Unfold UV's tool.

If I select a series of verts to unfold say the tread of a tire, it should unfold in a rectangular motion. But my ends keep curving on my. I've tried adjusting the tolerance levels and such, but not getting what I need to paint my map.

Basically,, could someone recommend some decent settings to work with hard surface geometry that has some curvatures as in vehicles. It's really very simple, but.... UVs are not unfolding as they should.

And/or maybe a plugin or script that might help would be awesome too.


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