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Rhino to MAX

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11-04-2009 07:57 PM
When converting a Rhino 4.0 model to MAX 10, my face count is hugh (8K+ for a small object). What's the best file format to export out of Rhino with, 3ds, dwg, obj, igs....? Since it's a NURBS model in Rhino, does anyone know how to import it into MAX as a NURBS model? I've looked at all the "import" options in MAX and outputed the model from Rhino in those formats and can't seem to get more realistic face counts. I'd be happy to get the 8K down to 2K. The lower I put the "density" (quality) values on export from Rhino, I get faces that cross over holes and inside filets.


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crazy homeless guy_1
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Re: Rhino to MAX

11-05-2009 01:15 PM in reply to: kennmac
I don't do it often, but try IGES. Also, importing Rhino will get a lot easier when v5 releases. V5 does abetter job a translating Rhino to DWG, which makes for clean imports into Max.
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Re: Rhino to MAX

11-16-2009 04:38 PM in reply to: crazy homeless guy_1
Hi , not sure if you can help me but I was wondering if you know why I am having trouble importing a .obj (and.3ds version) from Rhino into Max 2009, which I was sent by a client. I can't open the.3ds but can import the .obj file however the model looks crazy and is not correct. When I open it at home on Max 2008 it is correct? Any advice would be appreciated.
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