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Adding vertices to a polygon in Maya 2010? (w/ screenie)

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01-18-2010 03:48 PM
Hello I am a newbie into Maya and would like to start modeling, right now I made a CV curve, I would like to snap some vertices to a curve and make it more rounder the way I want it
(Screny below)
And then extrude it in with one face so its more easier for me
Unfortunately I made a split edge loop inside a 3-D Cube, so it only has two vertices
I would like to add more so its curved
I am trying to make a fancy looking window
TYVM if you post any suggestions

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Re: Adding vertices to a polygon in Maya 2010? (w/ screenie)

01-19-2010 06:49 AM in reply to: Heaven_Holy
RMB click on the mesh and choose Edge. Select the edge and go to Edit Mesh->Add Divisions ❐ (options) set the number of divisions you would like to have.

To snap the vertices to the curve in on direction only (let's say Y), select the vertex you want to move with RMB > Vertex, press w, then make the Y axis of the move manip active and MMB click on the curve while holding the c key.
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