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Level of Detail viewing

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09-23-2013 01:32 PM

Senario:  uploaded a dwfx file for collaboration review.  The dwfx file in Vault is correct as is in Design Review app.  When it is originally viewed in Mockup, all compoenents are exposed from the "Level of Detail".


In addition, to turn off components (assemblies/models), it is a one by one action...  Also, if you choose the assembly, I expecxted the children to follow suit and turn off.


First impression is that it needs many more tools to be active with and manipulate the data.


This could be a possible winner for collaborating on a global level.



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Re: Level of Detail viewing

09-23-2013 10:48 PM in reply to: Ksmedley

Hi Ksmedley,

Thanks for your feedback.

I try a simple case of LOD view, the appearance in mockup is the same as Design viewer and original file in Inventor. Pls check the snapshot below: 


Can you pls introduce more details about LOD view issue? It will be appreciated that snapshots and dataset could be attached.


For visibility control, you can turn off the top node to turn off the top assembly, and the related components will be turned off in graphics even if the lamp is on in browser. The visibility control of top node is higher than the sub nodes. To turn off components, currently it is one by one behavior. And it is a known issue in our issue tracking system.




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