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Losing Animation keys when ploting on skeleton

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09-01-2011 12:15 PM
Hello everyone,
Let me set up the scene for you first, I only got motion capture movements for the body. I'm working in the story window so I've got the motion capture data in a Character Animation Track and I am adding by keys movements for the hands with the Expression Constraints for each hand in a Character Additive Subtrack.
My problem is that the constraints are working on the control rig but when I want to plot the animation to the control rig and finally plot it on the skeleton to export , I'm losing the animation on the hands.
What am I doing wrong in the process?
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Re: Losing Animation keys when ploting on skeleton

10-31-2011 11:12 PM in reply to: Kevinsauvageau
Hey man ,
Any constraint works the same as far as plotting them. As long as you're assigning the part of the control rig as constraint object... very important then when you plot to control rig the effect of the constraint should be plotted as well.
Also if you're in story, IF the hand is assigned to the character track correctly then you should be fine. Anything that is affecting that hand(expression constraint.) the hand should still get correctly plotted as long as it is correctly assigned in your expression constraint.
Try to separate the constraint all together and put the constraint on a constraint track and then plot them all, see if that gets included correctly so you don't loose any keys.
I personally find the expression constraint vary tedious to work with , is there any specific reason why would you use that particular constraint ?