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key reduction in motion cappture

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09-22-2011 07:56 AM
Hi I was wondering if it is possible to do the following:

(1)Bring an animation from 3ds max into motion builder (The animation has already been through the process of motion builder and max and is the final version)

(2) Alter the the animations key frames using key frame reduction. (The animation is from a mocap shoot.)

(3)Bring back the animation into 3ds Max.

The reason I need to do this is that the file size is too big and reducing the animation key frames will reduce the file size.

Any tips or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: key reduction in motion cappture

09-26-2011 06:44 AM in reply to: hacksoar
Yes, you'd use the constant key reducer filter. You can use it two ways:

1. re-plot (bake) the animation and set it to use the constant key reducer via the key controls window
2. filter the selected bones' fcurves by going to the filter tab in the resources window.

Constant key reducer will remove any keys which are within minor tolerances of their neighbouring keys' y position in the fcurve editor.
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