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Cannot UNDO optical data key deletion

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02-22-2012 08:23 AM
I have some C3D data im trying to clean in Motionbuilder 2012 x64.

1) I double click the C3D:smileysurprised:ptical root node in the scene to get the optical workbench up.
2) Create various rigid bodies for the head / arm / hips etc....
3) Begin to search through the data for 'black bits', at which point I find the bad marker, and I either split segment before , then after, then delete the bad segment, or simply drag select the bad frames, right click and delete keys.

But there is no way to undo these actions!!!!
Please will someone explain to me how I can undo these actions... when I CTRL+Z it simply selects another marker, when I click back it hasnt undone.

I've looked on the Mobu help on:
and no where does it say that this is one of the undoable actions....
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Re: Cannot UNDO optical data key deletion

02-22-2012 08:52 AM in reply to: waz mack
agreed an undo after you split and remove a segment would be a feature.

I would like unified Maya shortcuts too for this section, T drag is ok, but its no J drag as in Motionbuilder shortcuts
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Re: Cannot UNDO optical data key deletion

07-24-2012 02:01 PM in reply to: waz mack
It would be wonderful to have this ability for many users, who do not have their own system, or whose system does not have decent optical cleanup software.

I've found MB's optical tool set so clunky and devoid of features that I only do optical cleanup inside of Blade. I've heard Motion Analysis's optical cleanup tools are incredible too.