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Can I use Motionbuilder to edit and combine BVH motion files?

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04-26-2008 05:51 PM
I need to convert 3dMAX biped motion, edited with the motion mixer into a BVH format.
Also need to load BVH files into Motionbuilder, combine or "connect" then into a continuous motion.
How can I do both things?

Any help on this, preferably procedural, will be highly appreciated!!!!
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Re: Can I use Motionbuilder to edit and combine BVH motion files?

06-09-2008 05:09 PM in reply to: meaparicio
you cant convert bips unless u can script well. maxscript SDK required, tried and failed myself

if u want to batch convert you BVH files do this.

Drag a BVH into MB
open - no animation
select all
goto curves window and delete all keyframes (if any)
select all bones, in bottom right of screen type '0' into all 3 boxes to zero out transforms and rotations,
drag him up above the ground level making sure hes pointing towards the Z axis.
Select the left should joint (right facing) using the numeric translation boxes u used a second ago give this bad bod 90 in the third z axis box (rotation only) and for the other shoulder -90.

He should be in the TSTANCE at zero.
now drag a character onto him from the assets browser. hopefully they will al be named correctly and you are away.
if not u need to 'x' drag / alt drag the missing bones into the characters mapping list (go to navigator - double click your non characterised character - its the first tab on the right)
so fill up this bank with the missing bones it just flagged up, just do the minimum, works for me (base)
try to charecterise - if it lets you save a copy of the file as - BVHCONVERTOR TEMPLATE.FBX, but keep it open.
now drag another BVH from your set onto the hips and choose 'Replace Animation'
goto file--->Batch and map the directory your BVH's are in. & the output directory for converted files.
select your character from the list
choose BVH for input type
and FBX for output type (they work better)
and press ok.

motion builder will now open every one of you BVH's up rename the bones for you characterise is and export it as a nice and friendly FBX, great for blending in the story.

MB hangs when doin this, can take hours if u got a few k files.
some BVH data doesnt work, dunno why, maybe a poser thing.....this will crash mb. but if u stay near PC it will display the name of the file that crashed it, delete that one, move the ones its done into a new directory, boot MB up and do it again,

i had 10 bad files in 2000 clips..

if u get the BIP files converted, please let me know how u did it, Maybe Poser Pro? Daz?
let me know fella, im pulling my hair out on this also.