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Björn Günter
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Registered: ‎01-09-2009

Basics of Actors and Characters in the MoCap-Pipeline

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11-20-2011 11:41 PM

I try to understand how the information from a motion capture system is transferred to a rigged character in Motionbuilder.

I suggest the following pipeline:
First I have my optical markerset which consists of translational information of each marker.
This translational information is mapped onto my actor.
Plottin this actors movement to a character gets me a control rig which has both translational and rotational data.

My question now is how and when the rotational data of the control rig is created.
Does that happen during the baking or even earlier?

I’m just trying to understand what’s the difference between the actor and the characters.

Thanks for your help.
Best regards, Bjoern

P.S.: Sorry for the doubleposting, I didn't managed it to move my initial post from Motionbuilder12 into the Mocap-forum.
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