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VBA - MDT 6 Error cteating a Mate constraint

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02-09-2011 01:21 AM



I have a problem. I want to create a Mate constraint between WorkPlane and McadPoint. I wrote this code:


Dim Patty As McadComponent
Set Patty=mcad.ActiveDocument.AssemblyMgr.RootDefinition.Children(0)

Dim Wplane As McadPlane, wpFeat As McadFeature,anyWP As McadPlane
For Each anyWP In Patty.definition.body.WorkPlanes
For Each wpFeat In anyWP.GetFeatures
If Like "*Base#*" Or Like "*base#*" Then
Set Wplane = anyWP: GoTo exF
End If
Dim pt As McadPoint
Dim utM As McadUtility
Set ut = ThisDrawing.Application.GetInterfaceObject("mcad.Application").ActiveDocument.Utility
Dim Val As McadValue: Set Val = ut.CreateValue

' '
' CODE '
' '
Dim C2 As IMcadGeometry: Set C2 = Wplane

Dim dM1 As McadConstraintDescriptor: Set dM1 = ut.CreateConstraintDescriptor(mcCompMate)
dM1.Operand1 = pt: dM1.Operand1Orientation = mcRaw: dM1.Operand2 = C2: dM1.Operand2Orientation = mcRaw
dM1.Value = Val
Dim M1 As McadComponentConstraint: Set M1 = kt.AddConstraint(dM1)

When I try to create a new constraint I get an error: -2147196502(800461aa) "Generic Failure to executo operation with provide arguments". I have to select WorkPlane without Pick.

Please, help me!




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