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parameterize a profiled blade using superposition of NACA profiles

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05-10-2013 03:07 AM

Please, i want to modelize and parameterize a profiled blade using superposition of NACA profiles. 
To modelize and parameterize the profile of this blade using superposition of NACA profiles, i can import from Excel the points of the naca-profile direct in Inventor. But the problem is: I can not parametrize or change direct in Inventor the parameter of this curve. 
My challenge: i want to use a mathematical equation to generate the profile direct in Inventor. So i can select later the NACA-Model and select the preferred thickness, camber and camber location direct in Inventor to optimize the Blade. 
I don't need the coordinates of the airfoil/NACA-profile, but i want to generate it direct in Inventor.
Of course i want a program to set this NACA-Profil direct in Inventor. Probably use VBA-Code. 
Can you tell me please how i can use VBA to set any curve in Inventor? 
Do you know please, how i can use a mathematic equation to generate this point direct in Inventor? 
How do you modelize a profiled Blade using NACA-Profile? 
thank you verry much 

Best Regards

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