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Base view not square with UCS

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11-27-2000 06:36 AM
I have a drawing in which the base view is nolonger square with the UCS in paper space. The base view, and all dependent views, orginally were properly alighned. All the views rotated about 1 degree after editing the model. Once the views rotated, the reference dimensions remained attached to the assembly, but were alighned with the UCS, and were nolonger accurate.

The assembly is of a long slender part with angled end attachments. The angle of the end attachments were changed about 1 degree.

My question is how do I re-alighn my base view with the UCS, without recreating all the views, dimensions and annotations?
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Re: Base view not square with UCS

03-18-2014 07:37 AM in reply to: brokesh

Hello and thank you in advance for any feedback you may have come across since you had this problem.    I too am having this problem and are in dire need of sulotion.  If anyone can give feed back it would very helpful to my design.    thank you 



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