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Match Mover 2013 - Oh the Cache fun just never ends

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04-12-2012 09:25 AM
Seriously Autodesk, why don't you just admit you don't like MatchMover, you don't want to support MatchMover, because your aren't, and quit bundling it with my Maya distributions. It is truly become crapware. It's just as bad as SourceForge trying to install the Yahoo Menu bar in my browser every time I update PDFCreator. I just downloaded and installed my Maya 2013 package and I just had to install MatchMover 2013, if only to see if you've even attempted to fix the cache bugs in this program. Well you never fail to amuse. Someone has obviously touched the software because it is clearly broken in an entirely new way. WOW! I am so impressed!

As can be seen from the attached screen dump, my system now sports 24Gb of RAM. The cache preferences tab has clearly been improved in that now, regardless of what you set your cache percentage at, the tab simply reads 0Mb. This is truly very helpful. I can see how you improved this as before you just lied to me, now, at least you are consistent. It is also very helpful that if you type a number in the box and hit enter it is completely ignored and the only way you can change the value is to use the slider bar. This is a tremendous improvement in your user interface. And now, to top it all off, you have come up with a new math paradigm, MatchMoverMath. You can clearly see that 48% of 24Gb = 1966Mb.

Not to worry. This joke has now been uninstalled from my computer but I just could not resist checking what updates were in store. Just can't wait to see how improved it will be in Maya 2014.

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Re: Match Mover 2013 - Oh the Cache fun just never ends

04-13-2012 05:48 PM in reply to: rimcrazy
AD's updating method is clear for all to see with this software.

Can't you see they've changed it from 2012, to 2013 now !

It's actually a good little 2d tracker but it's a horrendous joke that it's not being updated/fixed/improved.
I honestly don't understand why they bought it to simply change the title and date on it.
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Re: Match Mover 2013 - Oh the Cache fun just never ends

04-18-2012 01:49 AM in reply to: rimcrazy
This indeed is very frustrating. Especially considering that AD did leave all requests according to MM development totally unanswered, which is a shame. MM has been a cutting edge software for some time and still has a lot of production potential. But it seems crippled in some ways. I think the effort to fix it would not be much, since the features are there and working. It's mostly a small number of compatibility bugs and format restrictions that push me towards a more up to date solution from the competition.