MapGuide Enterprise Wishes

MapGuide Enterprise Wishes

*Jason Birch
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Re: What should the next MapGuide be?

10-10-2006 09:41 PM in reply to: saramak

I'd be happy to discuss something like that in the
autodesk.mapguide.enterprise.developer newsgroup...

You're thinking GeoRSS? I've looked at it a couple times, and it
shouldn't be much harder than KML support. Especially if combined with
something like this:

(rewritten for Atom of course)


clintonG wrote:
> Jason -- you sure are knowledgeable about this topic -- I'm interested in a
> dialog with you regarding the use of RSS.
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Re: What should the next MapGuide be?

10-18-2006 02:36 PM in reply to: saramak
I realize that a large impetus for MGE is expanding Autodesk's market involvement across the broad and diverse global GIS community, but our company has tens of thousands of maps drawn with AutoCAD and only AutoCAD. We want to use MGE to publish our DWG map data formatted for personnel in other departments both in and out of the office all across the country using internet protocol; in other words, we want to use MGE to leverage our investment in AutoCAD.

I respectfully request that some MGE Studio development be focused on tools and documentation(!) for easily incorporating Autodesk's Map 3D DWG elements such as blocks, attribute data, object data, tables, map-books, topologies, etc. The MGE 'Getting Started' guide is nearly 100 pages long but only four are dedicated to using DWGs and those make no reference to incorporating block attribute data. How is it the 'Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise' sample map includes displaying SHP file parcel data and not DWG block attribute data?

Dennis Hill
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