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Selection pane improvements

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01-28-2009 11:27 AM
The selection pane is really good addition comparing to MapGuide 6.5. But it has some shortcomings:

1. A developer has no control over the order of the fields in the pane.
E.g. a feature data has three fields: field1, field2, field3. This is the order of the fields in underlying database. But often developers prefer to show fields in different order (e.g. field3, field2, field1) and it is now impossible.

2. A developer can show only fields that are in the underlying database, but often it is desirable to show calculated (or custom) fields.
E.g. it is impossible to show in one line field1 + field3 .

3. There is no way to make the fields act as hyperlinks.
E.g. even if the content of a field1 is the user can see the content, but he cannot click on it to invoke the web page.
Also a developer often needs to pass the parameters with the link (e.g. (similarly to invoke URL button).

Therefore my wishes are:

1. Allow a developer to change the order of fields shown in selection pane.
2. Provide means for a developer to create custom (calculated) fields.
3. If a field (or calculated field) contains a web link – allow a user to click on it and invoke a web page. Also allow a user to pass the parameters with the web links.
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Re: Selection pane improvements

01-30-2009 10:51 AM in reply to: borisgorevoy7019
Thanks for the feedback. Others have mentioned similar items.

1) Currently you can change the names of the fields as they are displayed. The current implementation is alphanumeric sorting so you could rename your fields somewhat or add a numeric 1. 2. etc in front (yes this is slightly odd looking) as a workaround. This is on the future wishlist.

2) As of MGE 2009 you can add calculated fields to some of the feature source definitions in your data connection for display in the properties pane and other API calls. The UI for doing Joins and Calculated fields is at the bottom of the editor.

3) The properties pane is html. You may be able to embed your hyperlink in an html anchor string in single quotes and the link is enabled in the properties pane. However this precludes the other properties. You may be able to concatenate them together in the display order you wish. I'm not sure.


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