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onDoubleClick Event

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12-18-2006 06:24 AM
Hi, I working on MG 2007 and one of the great lost compare to MG6.5 is the onDoubleClick event on the viewer.
Will it return?
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Re: onDoubleClick Event

02-23-2007 01:16 PM in reply to: dhequet
If you update the following two files to the latest versions found here:

you should have a double-click available. Use the "Original format" link at the bottom of the above web pages to get a downloadable version of the file, and remember to make a backup of the original file before overwriting it in case you need to restore the original.

To use the double-click, the comments read:
// Override this method in an external script to implement
// your own double-click handler.
// e.g. mapFrame.OnDblClick = MyOnDblClick
// where MyOnDblClick() is a function in your script


Tom Fukushima
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Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: onDoubleClick Event

04-09-2007 11:37 PM in reply to: dhequet
Hi tomfukushima,

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