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Timing does not match in exported videos (both AVI and F4V)

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08-25-2011 04:28 AM



The exported videos (both AVI and Flash F4V video files) does not match the snapshot start and transition times defined in Publisher.


When exporting for Flash, the Storyboards.xml file reports the correct snapshot start/transition and video length, but the .f4v video file is a completely different length, and when scrubbing through it in Adobe Media Encoder i can see that the content in the video does not comply to the given storyboard times at all. 




Storyboards.xml -> VideoLength="12.75"

1.f4v -> length: 13.6


Thats a factor 1.066 longer video file. If i multiply all the start times in Storyboards.xml by this factor, they seem to fit. I also tried with longer storyboards, and exported to avi instead, and the exported video file always seems to be around 1.066 - 1.044 times longer than expexted.


Digitally yours,


Peter Boné

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Re: Timing does not match in exported videos (both AVI and F4V)

08-25-2011 12:24 PM in reply to: sbeamer

Hello Peter,


I created a storyboard with 12.75 seconds video length. Exporting to avi/flash and opening it on various players displayed 13 seconds. I then changed the storyboard time to 12.25 seconds and the result in the players were still 13 seconds. It appears to me that the players are rounding the value to the nearest second. What player did you use to see the 13.6 seconds for your output. Also would it be possible for you to email me the ipb file that you used as the example? (Please email it to

-Raj (Autodesk)
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