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Remote Access

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12-17-2010 01:41 PM

I would like to be able to demonstrate Publisher to my colleagues when I travel, but my laptop is not powerful enough and keeps crashing. So, I installed the software on a proper workstation with the thought that I could use Remote Desktop or VNC to show the workstation’s screen on my laptop. However, I end up with the following:

  1. If I use Remote Desktop to start Publisher the start up fails with Publisher saying that my display is not in True Color mode. My laptop is set to True Color, but on the workstation it is set to 32bit (true color is not an option). Using the workstation directly in 32bit does not cause any problem for Publisher.
  2. If I start Publisher in 32bit color directly on the workstation and then attach with Remote Desktop from my laptop, I can see Publisher running (Ribbon, file selection, etc) but the actual model is invisible !!
  3. If I use VNC instead of Remote Desktop, I can see the model in Publisher without problem, but the ribbon is not visible!!

So, with Remote Desktop I can see the tools but not the model, and with VNC I can see the model but not the tools.

Is there any way to successfully use Publisher via Remote Desktop or VNC?



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Re: Remote Access

12-21-2010 04:50 PM in reply to: coghus2


This area is a little complex, and I am not sure what we officially support, but we do this sort of thing on a frequent basis so it should be possible to get something working for you.

Firtsly, Remote Desktop will only work where the server/remote system is running Window Vista or later.  Windows XP is certainly completely unsupported.  Given that, when establishing a connection to a remote system with a client, you are given the option of configuring several performance related-parameters.  One of these is choosing the color depth to use, and even if your remote computer is configured for 32-bit color you may be displaying local in 256 color mode (for example) and I would guess this is the color mode being used to initialize the application.  So, firstly, please make sure that the remote desktop session itself is configured for 32-bit color and start publisher after the fact.


Second, there are many different flavors and versions of VNC available and different settings which may be used.  Some versions work better than others for particular uses.  One thing to try would be a different VNC version.  My personal favorite is TightVNC with the new 2.0 server software (this statement does not constitute an endorsement by Autodesk).


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Re: Remote Access

03-20-2011 12:24 AM in reply to: coghus2
LogMeIn FREE. Successfully tested, able to tweak gfx settings. Satish is right, XP Pro / Server 2003 no bueno, gfx API are the problem Alternative to LMI is server 2008 RDC with Win7.
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