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Publish to Mobile Failing - found bug

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01-25-2013 11:43 AM

I have not been able to publish a mobile format either online or locally from Inventor publisher 2013 on many of my files and I just found out why.  Many of my assemblies have sub-assemblies inside of them that are purchased, welded, etc.  That being the case I need to ballon the assembly and not it's children.  When I ballon the parent sub-assembly the file fails to publish everytime on multiple different files.  If I ballon the children inside those sub-assemblies it publishes just fine, until I ballon the parent.  In the pictures below as soon as I balloon the parent assembly for the cylinder if fails to publish.  If I delete that balloon it all works fine.  I have tried this on another file that was a weldment 100% drawn by me and I had the same problem.

Alright then, just wanted to let you all know so you can check to see if that's the same problem you're experiencing.


Publishes Fine.PNG 


Wont publish.png

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Re: Publish to Mobile Failing - found bug

02-03-2013 11:15 PM in reply to: coreyparks

Thank you for reporting this issue in Newsgroup, I can also reproduce it and have logged it into the internal  issue tracking system, the issue number is Nov-10507.

Peggy Wang
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