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Publish to Droid anyone?

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05-06-2011 03:50 PM

So if Publisher puts out DWF, 3D PDF, and to Publisher Specific Mobile app for iThings, what about all the Droids out there?


Seriously, it's as if millions of people simply don't exist because  they don't have an iDevice.


Maybe I've missed the raging debates. I didn't turn up any in my search of this forum.


The reason I ask is this: Publisher is very heavily promoted for the mobile market. Publisher is very useful in this regard. There are THREE different FREE ways to share 3D files using Publisher. Adobe Reader doesn't even know what a 3D pdf is, on my phone. So when I show people Publisher and the 3D pdf, or Publisher and the publish to mobile awesomeness on my bosses iPad, and the DWF ain't too shabby either, just about everyone says "what about my droid?"


 Working for a VAR, I don't like over the horizon "maybe" promises. Makes me look silly for even bringing it up.


Please tell me I'm just missing some key piece of the puzzle.


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Re: Publish to Droid anyone?

05-10-2011 09:13 AM in reply to: phil-mcam

I know my customers are asking when its coming out on Droid.  Droid seems to be growing at a fast pace.

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Re: Publish to Droid anyone?

05-10-2011 09:19 AM in reply to: djohanning

Just acknowledging that we got this message, so to speak.

Jon Balgley
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Re: Publish to Droid anyone?

05-10-2011 10:00 AM in reply to: djohanning

Thanks for the response. 


I know you guys are working on this. I was hoping I was wrong about current Droid capabilities. I was also hoping I was wrong about Adobe Reader on my phone. When I open a 3D pdf on my phone the skeleton menu is at the bottom, and the viewing pane is a blank blackness. So it seems very close to working, perhaps I pushed some wrong button somewhere. I even updated just to be sure. 


It seems that the avenues Autodesk has the most control over are for a DWF viewer or the publish to mobile app. One of those will work nicely. Let me know; I'll gladly test it out for you!



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