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Publish to 3D PDF - List of Field Tags

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06-27-2012 09:44 AM



I'm creating a custom template for publishing a 3D PDF from Publisher 2013.


The help documentation refers to:


Storyboard Tags

  • Storyboard\Number - Displays the storyboard number when called in a template.
  • Storyboard\Name -Displays the storyboard name when called in a template.
  • Storyboard\Description - Displays the storyboard description when called in a template.

However these seem to be only for 2D PDF publishing (trying them for 3D PDF does not seem to work).


The only 3D PDF ones I seem to have found are from the template already availble in the templates folder.


The Tags are:









Is there a full list of support tags anywhere for publishing to 3D PDFs?


Many thanks





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Re: Publish to 3D PDF - List of Field Tags

07-02-2012 08:50 AM in reply to: vince480

Hi Vince,


Thanks for your post. 3D PDF does not support annotations or storyboard title/descriptions, so that is why you aren't seeing those tags as available. The only outputs that currently support the publish of these Title and Description fields is Publish to Mobile (.ipm) and Publish to Flash. Publishing to 3D PDF will only give  you the ability to play the animation and manipulate it in 3D space.

We are pursuing other solutions for this disconnect, so please stay tuned, but for now those are the available options.





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