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looking for some tutorials / output & size issues...

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10-07-2011 10:56 AM

loving the software, but having some issues with the output. 

setting up the screen sizes and what type of output seems to be a bit fuzzy. when you are making something for print (say word template) should this same publisher file work well for mobile divice output without much fussing with the file?  i seem to be not grasping this part... just when i think i get something looking good i then push it out to mobile and things look nothing like the screen or print version.





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Re: looking for some tutorials / output & size issues...

10-09-2011 12:26 AM in reply to: ianmacleanllc




Hello Ian,


Thank you for the feedback.

Please try to edit the PPI in right of the publish area

change the PPI to 300 , it will looks better when publish to word and image.

refer to attched image.



--Autodesk Inventor Publisher QA

Peggy Wang
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Re: looking for some tutorials / output & size issues...

02-22-2012 11:47 AM in reply to: ianmacleanllc

Hi Ian -


Different outputs require different setup values, so that is most likely why you are experiencing some inconsistencies when exporting a presentation set up for Print to Mobile.


It's a good idea to set up a seperate storyboard for each output format. After the presentation has been completed, simply copy/paste the Storyboard to create an identical copy to manipulate. See screenshot below for a sample.


<see attachment: storyboards.png>


Inside the Mobile storyboard, you can quickly set the Publish Area appropriately using the "set affected snapshots" command. Right-click on any snapshot within the Mobile storyboard and select Set Affected Snapshots for All Snapshots within the Storyboard.


<see attachment: set affected snapshots.png>


With the snapshots activated, modify the Publish Area to the appropriate iPad settings (1024x768).


<see attachment: publish area.png>


This will automatically update the Publish Area of every snapshot within the storyboard to these settings. At this point, it's a good idea to take a pass through the snapshots and ensure the views are within the boundaries.


You're now ready to publish to Mobile with much higher fidelity than before.


Good Luck!


Timera Hart



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