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Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer app dead in the water?

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03-28-2012 12:16 AM

It's been a year since the last update for the app, which introduced some new problems without fixing any of the old embarassingly basic problems.


Things that need fixing:


1. iTunes file syncing.  We have hundreds of models that are regularly updated.  Guess how much time I waste "Open In"ing 1 at a time.

2. If I delete the sample files from the file list, I don't want them coming back every time I return to the application.

3. The background color.  Needs to be user customizable with either a hue, gradient, or an image from the photo gallery.

4. Solid Bodies turned off in .ipts need to stay turned off in the exported IPM models.

5. Custom materials settings need to transfer over with the IPM models.  If not the raster base files, then at least the hue. Gloss red in AIP is flat gray in IPM.

6. Materials of mirrored solids need to display as their sources materials, not the default file material.

7. Basic view cube & perspective & orth proj, and wireframe/edges display mode, would be practical.

8. Landscape should be fullscreen with a hovering window just like in portrait mode.

9. In file browser, the ability to rename files without going all the way back & generating a whole new file.


No updates in a years time???


I understand the aesthetics of the inventor product line have been lacking in exchange for more powerful features... we still have the same partially invisible stock color schemes and bad reflection maps featuring your employees in the parking lot.  Even in the UI, you guys thought the ribbon was a good idea, turning large chunks of precious screen real estate into dead space in exchange for crazily sized icons and commands hidden & scattered to the wind.  So I'm beginning to warm up to the idea that things are looking worse, not better in inventor as time progresses on.  But this is a visualization application.  The above 9 things are the most basic elements of displaying models there are.


This wouldn't be so frustrating if we didn't have to pay an additional $2500 for another program and add many steps to our workflow just to be able to see the models our aparrently incomplete Inventor Studio product produces, out in the field.  Seems like a "halfway there" product.


Is anything being done to complete this product or is this simply a novelty?

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Re: Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer app dead in the water?

03-28-2012 12:16 PM in reply to: flyingsuperpetis

Thanks for putting your requirement list together. We want to assure you that improving our Viewer app is very high on our list. I will forward the requirements you put together to our development team.

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