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Inventor doesn`t open anymore

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04-17-2010 10:44 AM
Hi all!

Well, last week i`ve installed the Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2011 x64 on my pc. But I`ve had a little problem in registrating it over the internet, so I closed the inventor and restarted.

But now, when I try to run the inventor again, appears a message error that says:

The Application is unavailable.
No license available. License does not exist or has expired.

What can I do? I tried to reinstall so many times, but the problem continues. I've installed even the Network License Manager, but I don`t know how it works!

Is there some thing to do to make the inventor to work like it was for the first time I`ve installed it on my pc?

My operational system is Microsoft Windows Seven Home Premium.
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Re: Inventor doesn`t open anymore

04-19-2010 08:24 AM in reply to: rotadig

I guess the problem you're having is because you've installed the program and the activation has failed probably due to a firewall or proxy.

The best way to fix this would be:

Uninstall the program completely.

Restart the machine.

Run the registry cleaner section of a tool similar to [CCleaner|] and remove any redundant registry entries.

Create a backup of your registry first! CCleaner should prompt you to do this.

Restart the machine again.

Try and reinstall.


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Re: Inventor doesn`t open anymore

04-19-2010 01:18 PM in reply to: rotadig
Well, actually i`ve already solved the problem. I did all you typed before, and no way to work.

The solution was to restore my system in a backup made before I installed the Inventor Publisher. It worked!

Thanks for the Reply!

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