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Improvements and sugestions

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12-14-2013 06:42 AM

Hello, I am new user of Inventor Publisher, and I was shocked about the responses on this form about this product Publisher.

I hope that the upgraded will included many improvements.


I can give you some idea’s that my help;


  1. Handling large assemblies must be improved.
  2. Render view is much to dark
  3. Render styles must be better
  4. Animation and Camera view must be separated. It is very difficult to position a part.
  5. Standards view for technical documentation , IsoMatric, , Timitrie, Dimetrie, S1000D standard and Mill Standards
  6. SVG Output is very bad, thick and thin lines are not supported
  7. SVG vectors are not optimized, to many point on an arc, you only need 3 point like in illustrator. File size is too heavy.
  8. Flash output, In the top  black bar, How can I adjust the tekst??
    Flash, Logo of Autodesk is not needed here at all  !!! .  My costumers name perhaps..
  9. Animation steps MUST  give a color flash  in step by step procedure..
  10. HTML5 output ??


I hope to here when there will be an Upgrade and also what are these ..


Please take a look at other programs, ..



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