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Callout update

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01-18-2012 12:37 AM

Hello all,


If we change a property in the edit part list data, the callout which already has been placed won't update with the new input.


1. Create part list

2. Place callout and choose associate property (example item)

3. RMB the part list and choose edit part list data

4. Overwrite the item property in the list

5. Click OK

6. Callout won't update


Either you delete the callout and place a new one or you select the callout change associate property to any other property and than change it again to the item associate property. This is the way the callouts are updated.


When you have an assembly of few parts the update is done quick, but in my case I have an assembly of hundred parts, so it takes a lot of time to update the callouts.


I have to renumber the values in the item column, because Publisher doesn't always start numbering at 1. So I have to overwrite the values in the item column. I hope there will be a button in next release which renumbers automatically as in Inventor.


I hope this will change in the next release.




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Re: Callout update

10-16-2013 11:44 PM in reply to: Tiziano3630

I can share with you my way I update callouts. After all changes in material list I select callouts (on screen or in browser), temporary assign another property, Manual Text for instance, and then I assign previous property, usually Item or part Number again. After that callouts are refreshed.

I hope it will be helpfull for someone.

I agree, that there should my some more simple way to do that. In my opinion, callouts should be refreshed automatically, like in Inventor.


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