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Sheet Metal - direct manipulation support

Status: Accepted
by Employee on ‎11-02-2012 06:40 AM

I would like to be able to stretch (modify) flange lenghts by using a 3D direct manipulation arrow.

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US14657]. Thanks!
By: *Pro | Posted ‎11-09-2012 05:49 AM

Use Fusion it does this.

By: Valued Contributor MattH_Work | Posted ‎11-22-2012 08:46 AM

Doesn't fusion do this via 'move face'. Inventor also does it the same way but both fall over when the flange  AND bend need to move.

 I'de like to see flanges, hems etc being added to the edge select options (currently Fillet & Chamfer) so that I just need to click an edge and drag to produce the relevent feature, rather than start command, pick edge, return to dialog , fill in values ....

Lok on youtube at how the competition does it, very swish

By: Employee | Posted ‎01-28-2013 02:42 PM
Status changed to: Future Consideration
This is something that the team has brought up in the past
By: Employee | Posted ‎02-27-2013 11:59 AM
Status changed to: Under Review
This project [US14657] is under review by the development team.
By: Employee | Posted ‎03-14-2013 08:31 AM
Status changed to: Accepted
Accepted idea [US14657]. Thanks!
By: Soriani | Posted ‎10-15-2014 01:26 AM , edited ‎10-15-2014 01:27 AM |

Vey nice idea

the interface of this module is very old style

Solidwork able the user to be very quickly during the design of a sheet metal part


you can see this video to show this capability



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