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Rotation point

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by ungarata on ‎11-28-2012 08:02 AM

When rotating, make wherever the cursor is located be the center point of rotation.  From what I know, I can select the rotation center by pressing F4, then clicking on an entity, and that will be the rotation point from that point forward.


Just make it so wherever the cursor is at becomes the rotation point.  For reference, go drive a seat of Pro/E (now called Creo).  It is so easy to rotate with.


Here's why this is a big deal:  Open a large assembly, then zoom way, way in to look at something.  Now try to rotate - oops!  You've just rotated away from what you were looking at.  Now repeat the process; zoom way in, okay now remember to go F4 -> click on something -> okay, I'm good to go now.  Now, pan over a little bit, forget to reset the rotation center, go ahead and rotate and OOPS!  Whatever you're zoomed in looking at has rotated off your screen.  Every time to move, you have to reset your rotation point manually.  This is frustrating and wasteful.


See the issue?  If it would just rotate about the cursor, then you don't have to go through a thousand extra clicks, constantly resetting the rotation center; it would just work, without thought and having to plan ahead, etc.  You could focus on designing your product, instead of driving your CAD program.

by *Expert Elite* on ‎01-08-2013 03:48 PM

But, unless you have a 3D mouse, you have to move the cursor to rotate the view.  So the center of rotation would move as you rotate?  I guess you mean that the center is wherever you click the mouse to start the rotate command?  If so, then I agree that would be better.

by Valued Contributor cadull_rb on ‎01-08-2013 09:13 PM

At least while holding F4, allow us to select a rotation center that is located away from the center circle - I'm not trying to exit the command!




by ungarata on ‎01-09-2013 04:48 AM



Yes, you have to move the mouse cursor to rotate; no, the center of rotation does not move.  You got it right on the next sentence:  Wherever you click the mouse to start the rotation, that's where the model rotates around.  It does not rotate around the model center of mass or wherever it normally does.


The advantage is that you can zoomed way in to a large assembly, looking at something you need to see, then when you click on the screen (in the area you're zoomed in to and looking at), that point is where the assembly rotates around, and the area you're zoomed in to stays on your screen; it does not rotate off the screen as it does when the model rotates about some point far away.


All of this happens automatically and seamlessly; wherever your cursor is, that's where the rotation point is.  You don't have to keep re-specifying where to rotate with extra clicks, you don't have to remember to set the rotation point each time, etc.


PTC got this 1000% right with Pro/E (Creo); Autodesk blew it (as did Siemens with Solid Edge).  Drive a seat of Pro if you ever get a chance; you'll be immediately ticked off at what you've had to put up with when it comes to the rotation behavior in Inventor.

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