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Linked node names between Solid Bodies tree view and Features tree view

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by johnstda on ‎01-29-2014 05:40 PM

It would be good to allow to use the same node name in the Features tree view as a node in the Solid Bodies tree view. Currently, I have to enter two different names (one for the Features tree view and a sligthly different one for the Solid Bodies tree view). For example, if I create an extrusion called
"Back", I can't then rename the newly generated Solid Body node "Solid1" to "Back" as well. So I usually call the feature "Back Profile" and the Solid Body "Back". But it would be good to be able to name them indentically for easy reference. 


A step further would be to automatically link the names, especially for solid generating features (Extrude, Revolve, Loft or Sweep). So when the feature node name is renamed, the associated soild body could be renamed too, or the featured could be called "<Solid body name> + Extrusion".


by *Expert Elite* on ‎01-30-2014 04:51 AM

If you navigate to:


Tools > Application options > Parts > 'Display extend information'


You can insert the feature details after the feature name. This will get you half way to your request.


I agree that the user should be able to pick the same name for differnt types features, and Inventor should understand the difference.

by Distinguished Contributor MRanda on ‎01-30-2014 06:20 AM

I have had several clients who were very upset about this. It has always annoyed me as well. Currently I work around this limitation. Why can't a Sketch have the same name as an Extrusion, which is the same as a Solid Body? Paul is (of course) correct about the workaround, but you would expect better from Inventor.

by johnstda on ‎01-30-2014 05:54 PM
It would certainly make organising and understanding the design a lot
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