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Inventor library functionality

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by *Expert Elite* ‎11-28-2012 05:45 PM - edited ‎11-28-2012 05:50 PM

I would like to suggest Some review or improved functionality of inventor's Library.


firstly, I would like an administrator / option to allow write access to library files. A cad administrator would be able to decide whether he, or users within the design team have write access to the library. This would save him (and the designers) having to switch projects whilst working on A design If they need to update an iProperty, color, view rep, constraint.

Some businesses need to lock designers out of a library however others do not. It depends on the nature of the business.

There are of course ways around This but I would like to have the ease of access provided as A toggle switch from perhaps the Inventor options or the Inventor project.


secondly, If a library is defined in an Inventor project, and files from the library are used within A design, that the library files are given A set location, dependent upon the name of the library.


to try to explain what I mean...


If for any reason an office file server is replaced, renamed etc I would not like to have to continue to tell the Inventor assembly where the library file is, next time I open the assembly!


If I have for example, a library defined as "library 1", with the same files contained within It, Inventor should not ask me If I wish to use the same file as I already used last time It was opened, If the file still resides within "library 1".


This ability for Inventor to locate and use a library part should not be dependent upon what the server name is, was last time or If the folder / file path is a mapped drive, or whether the file path is a full server name or not. If the file lives in the "library 1" , and the file has the same name, then It gets used.


This would extend to any file within the library, especially for example a logo of A title block!


If the file is found in the library (being the first search path for inventor at time of file open) then that is is, the file is used. No more searching anywhere else. If the designer finds the wrong file is used he has to fix It himself after the fact. (he has duplicates and mis-managed  his files).


the way library folders and the access to the files are setup presently, It is actually more practical in many cases to not use a real library, but to nominate A design space folder as a "vendor / standard parts folder".


If There is debate on This topic I would like to suggest that users or at the very least the administrators are given an option to override available access or priority / location settings one way or another on the above 2 topics.


as I said, we have ways of getting around these things but It takes time. Lets get the topics working better in the future.


thanks for your consideration.





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