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DialogBox or MiniToolBar

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor fsanchou ‎10-24-2014 03:08 AM - edited ‎10-24-2014 03:15 AM

Create an unique workflow.

Currently each features uses either one or the other, there is no continuity of workflow.

Create application options and user can choose the setting.


DialogBox or MiniToolBar.png

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If you choose a horizontal constraint and you realize that you need a vertical constraint, then you need to select the vertical constraint.
Despite the fact that we are now in 2015 get a preview to see what is horizontal or vertical.
Add a CTRL action, so that horizontal changes to vertical as soon as you press the CTRL.
Ditto for vertical to horizontal constraint.

Status: Accepted

Accepted idea [US26374]. Thanks!

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Use the same color for icons in dialogs box

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor fsanchou on ‎09-12-2013 01:17 AM


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If you are working of projects for different countries and regions, it would be nice to have the Date format read from the Project File rather than the O/S. Currently you need to change the date format, you need to change your location within the operating system. It would be nice to have these options in the Project File.


Currently if you are in Canada they use DD-MM-YY and if your are in the US, it would be MM-DD-YY. It's fine once the number are equal and greater than 13. 01-12-14 could be the 1st of December or Januay 12th depending what side of the 49th you are on.


Switching the date in the O/S also messes up other dates on your system as well.

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Countersunk-bored holes

Status: New Idea
by johnstda on ‎02-01-2014 12:22 AM

There's a fifth type of hole which is sometimes used in woodwork. It's a countersunk-bored hole. You simply use the coutersink bit to bored down into the wood after coutersinking the hole. It's used when hiding screw heads with wooden plugs. It's similar to a counter-bored hole feature except that instead of a flat bottom for the boring, it's an angled bottom, the same angle as countersinking.

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Editing dimension type in Sketch Mode

Status: New Idea
by johnstda on ‎02-19-2014 06:45 PM

It would be good to be able to edit the dimension type (i.e. Aligned, Vertical, Horizontal) not only during the creation of the dimension, but also afterwards (by right-clicking on the dimension and selected from these 3 options). It's a bit quicker than deleting the dimension and starting again.

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Attach Text to Balloons

Status: Accepted
by Mentor on ‎05-29-2013 12:11 PM

I think you would be really useful to have an interface that attaches text to balloons. Something like the image below where you can attach it to any side.


Attach Text to Ballon.jpg


Attach Text to Ballon 2.jpg


It would be nice if you double click the balloon and attach whatever you need. It would also never lose the link to the balloon.

Status: Accepted
After additional consideration, this Idea has been converted from Duplicate to Accepted. We understand that TYP. or REF. text tags are often times common on balloon annotations. Accepted idea [US21778]. Thanks!
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It would be great to have function to get scale from base view in title block automatically (competing prodcts have this function)


I know it can be achieved through Ilogic, but it gives unnecessary complexity to a workflow, and it is time consuming if users uses more then a few sheets per drawing.

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US14416]. Thanks!
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Sometimes when I dimension between 2 points, I don't always want to use the default direction that the Alignment dimension type provides (i.e. the line connecting to the 2 points). A somewhat useful option is to select the the line / direction that the dimension is applied in, which may be entirely separate from the 2 points.


It's hard to explain, so I've attached 2 pictures of what I'm trying to express. "Not quite", is the default alignment direction, which although correct, is not always appropriate. In the 2nd picture, I've annotated the dimension between the 2 points in a direction parallel to the blue line. This is required to calculate the length of timber I need to start with before I start cutting the angles on the top and bottom (i.e. the timber runs along the blue line axis).


So maybe a 4th option could be "Custom Aligned", whereby the user selects a line on the drawing which determines the alignment direction.


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Parameters combo box for entering dimensions

Status: New Idea
by johnstda on ‎01-29-2014 10:37 PM

It would be handy to have a combo box available when entering dimensions which lists all the available parameters. This would neglect the need to click on the right arrow and select "List Parameters". It would save one, possibly two mouse clicks, especially if the user were to "drag" the mouse to the appropriate parameter and release the button upon selection. Maybe the List Parameters could be removed altogether if this GUI method were introduced.

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Outer Concentric Fillet

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor MarkESmith on ‎06-21-2013 02:38 AM

If you fillet an edge then place a hole - the hole can be placed concentrically to the fillet.

What about reversing the workflow?

Place the hole then use the hole as a reference to fillet the edge?


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Sometimes when creating detail views I forget to select the correct Fence and Cutout shape. To correc this I need to delete the current detail view, which I've already annotated and create a new one. it would be nice to be able to simply modify these attributes of the detail view AFTER I've created it.

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Often I need to splace slats at distances of say 1/4", 3/8" , etc. But to do this using the Rectangular Pattern and Spacing selected, I need to first enter the spacing as Width + Gap. It would be better to have an option (GAP) selectable in the combo box, so that instead, I can just enter the gap between regularly spaced objects and let the software figure out the width itself (bounding box maybe). It's a luxury feature, I admit, but it would still be nice.

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Multiple leader lines for hole callouts

Status: New Idea
by johnstda on ‎02-09-2014 10:25 PM

It would be good to have the ability to add leader lines to a hole callout, similar to the way you can with annotated text.

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Slot annotation

Status: New Idea
by johnstda on ‎02-21-2014 05:07 PM

I use a lot of rounded mortises in creating woodwork items which are essentially slots cut into the wood. I'm not sure if there is a standard notation for slots but it would be good if there was a command similar to the Hole command which could automatically annotate slots (eg. Slot Width x Slot Diameter x Slot Depth maybe). Maybe even a Centre Mark command which could recognise the slots as a complete entity and automatically insert two perpendicular centrelines would definitely be handy.

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Isolate command for bodies in multi-body part

Status: New Idea
by johnstda on ‎01-28-2014 10:00 PM

As well as the HIDE OTHERS command when selecting a particular body in a multi-body part, it would be useful to have an ISOLATE command which permanently hides other bodies in the part. I'll give an example where this is useful.


Say I design a multi-body part and create a lot of views which I use to isolate each individual body (so I can generate separate drawings for each body) by selecting the appropriate view. Then as soon as I create another body within the Master View, this new body is added to each and every other view I have created, even though I have previously selected to HIDE OTHER bodies within each of these views. This is not my intended result. I want to isolate the body permanently. So despite generating new bodies either BEFORE or AFTER the creation of this view, the body is ALWAYS isolated, not just temporarily at the time of view creation.


Another option is to forget the ISOLATE command previously suggested, and just change the behaviour of the HIDE OTHERS command as I have already suggested.

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Supress original hole for pattern start

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor acanfield on ‎08-05-2013 06:44 AM

When creating a pattern 9 times out 0r 10 the part is reviewed & the first hole is the one which requires supressing - can this be modified? so the first hole can be supressed?

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I use a lot of parameters in my drawings. As such I have to click on List Parameters when dimensioning something and then choose from the list box which pops up. It would be handy to have a combo box feature which lists all the available parameters from it. It would not only save one mouse click, but possibly two, if the user decides to "drag" their selection and choose it on the "mouse up" event when selecting the appropriate parameter. If this feature were implemented, maybe the List Parameters menu option could be removed from the dimensioning pop up altogether and use my method instead. It would surely make entering parameter dimensions a lot quicker.

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It would be good to allow to use the same node name in the Features tree view as a node in the Solid Bodies tree view. Currently, I have to enter two different names (one for the Features tree view and a sligthly different one for the Solid Bodies tree view). For example, if I create an extrusion called
"Back", I can't then rename the newly generated Solid Body node "Solid1" to "Back" as well. So I usually call the feature "Back Profile" and the Solid Body "Back". But it would be good to be able to name them indentically for easy reference. 


A step further would be to automatically link the names, especially for solid generating features (Extrude, Revolve, Loft or Sweep). So when the feature node name is renamed, the associated soild body could be renamed too, or the featured could be called "<Solid body name> + Extrusion".


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Positioning an Hole from an existing hole

Status: New Idea
by cgusi on ‎06-19-2013 01:13 AM

Increase the method to positioning an hole selecting an existing hole.

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