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Go Back to the old coloring method

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by Valued Contributor dano0310 on ‎11-04-2012 03:02 AM

I have looked at the new available colors and they are basically rubbish for use in a paper drawing.  We only need colors to differentiate parts in an assembly not create pretty rendered images.  I also don't have time to read through pages and pages of tutorials on how to create my own colors.  The old method was so simple.  This is so over complicated it makes me want to go back to last years version and cut the subscription I have to pay on all of our licenses.  They aren't even named in such a way that you can find a color easily.  Previously if you wanted blue, you hit b and scrolled around a little and all the blues were together.  Now you basically start at the top and scroll down through  the colors until the part looks decent or you happen across the color you want.

by Valued Contributor hosford on ‎11-05-2012 05:22 PM

There are quite a few postings on color.

This being the first that is closest to my thoughts gets my wish.

What I would like to see is basic colors (like AutoCAD colors 1 thru 7) easy to find, easy to use, should be pretty easy.

I would like the IPT physical tab, material to have just materials, not aluminum anodized blue, leather dark brown, Aluminum should be an alloy, or just aluminum if you don't know what alloy it is, color has no bearing on its properties.

Then I would like a separate menu for texture, here is where surface finishes would be, there should be no relevance to the material, a brushed finish has the same look regardless of the material, there also should be milled, lathe turned, drilled, reamed.......

The final menu item would be the color, this would be placed on top of the finish, this way you could have a rough turned chrome plated plastic, assuming you wanted that.

Its simple, this is an engineering sofware package, we get paid to design, colors and surface finish should be quick and easy.

by arnie.martin on ‎11-13-2012 11:41 AM

If you read the white papers, this is actually how it is setup already. Select a material for the physical properties, and it will default the apperance to the assigned appearance style. The appearance style list can also be used to customize the appearance of a part, body, surface, etc. It is actually very simple compared to the old way and frankly I like the change. And respectfully I could not disagree more with the initial post about returning to the old way. If you just want colors to differentiate parts in an assembly, just select the parts in the assembly you want to appear a certain way, then select the color you want them to be in the appearance menu; done. Couldn't be more simple than that. Using the selction filters on the quick tool bar makes it even easier as you can select all iterations of a given part in one swipe. 50 million bolts in your design? No problem, select one, then use the select all occurances option.


Now I couldn't agree more when it comes to the styles being rubbish in a paper drawing and frankly I think another good option would be the ability to apply drawing styles (including line weights, and colors) to various parts at the assembly level. When I make a drawing I would like to ability to control how parts appear (as lines) without the tedious selection options in the drawing module. Also a little tweak to the way inventor handles layers giving us the option to put individual parts on individual drawing layers would be very helpful but that is probably for another thread.


On the visual style front what really needs to happen in subsequent versions is to fully implement texture customization and visual styles in the inventor studio rendering engine for those of use who are designers and (in my cast at least) artists who need good photo visual representations of our parts and assemblies when making a rendered image in studio. Currently there seems to be an issue with texture mapping when redering in shaded mode. While the realistic visual style is the most desireable because of the added control over texture maps, it is not an option in the rendering engine. Total crap for an otherwise robust piece of software.

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