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Define templates or data conception location directly in Vault

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by Mentor on ‎07-01-2014 08:38 AM

Currently we can save templates or data conception in Vault :


Sans titre.png


...but Inventor is unable to use directly Vault files : you have to get them from Vault to local workspace, then the project file (or inventor options) define the location in the local workspace. So, if you modify a template, you have to detect the modification from Vault : this mean you open the templates tree and verifiy all status icons. If you see a red icon you manually update your local file.

It could be more practical to define the path directly in the Vault : with this method you are sure to always use an updated version.



by jhackney on ‎07-05-2014 09:21 PM

Placing functioning Inventor templates and Design Data (Styles) in the Vault is not a good idea.  Place them on a network drive and point to them using your Inventor project file.  The mapping is under the folder options.  This not only isolates your templates and design data away from the standard Inventor ones but you can update them at any time and all will be using them immediately.



by Mentor on ‎07-07-2014 07:52 AM

I totally aggree you about placing templates on a network drive, this is what I use currently. The advantage to place them in Vault is to manage all the files defined in the ipj (templates, styles, ...) by Vault, and, mosre important, to associate them with the Vault. We work on huge projects, so we use one vault by project. Each project has its own templates, styles, etc. Storing them in the vault assure a complete backup. 

by *Expert Elite* on ‎07-07-2014 01:48 PM


We use Vault Professional to manage our work between two different companies.  The only connection between the sites is through Vault.  We have to store templates in Vault to pass them from site to site.  I would like to see Autodesk better integrate all the support files (templates, Style Libraries, ilogic rules, etc) in Vault.



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