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Apply constraints when reflect components (Mirror Components tool)

Status: Accepted
by Active Contributor carlos.arredondo on ‎11-16-2012 12:27 PM

It’s very useful that you can create components mirrored applying the same contraints, because when you create a mirror in the Assambly Enviroment, the new parts (that are Derived Parts) keep all degrees of freedom. I think that is possible add a checkbox in the Mirror Components: File Names dialog box to control if you want to apply or infer the constraints or not.

Status: Accepted
Accepted idea [US15173]. Thanks!
By: Distinguished Contributor JimSteinmeyer | Posted ‎01-23-2013 03:09 PM

This should have been a given when mirroring parts was created. The time savings for mirroring parts in an assembly is lost when I have to go back and constrain all the new parts. Grounding the parts is fine until something in the assembly changes.

Thank you



By: Employee | Posted ‎01-28-2013 01:36 PM
Status changed to: Future Consideration
Great idea
By: Employee | Posted ‎03-19-2013 12:21 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
By: Employee | Posted ‎03-20-2013 12:19 PM
Status changed to: Accepted
Accepted idea [US15173]. Thanks!
By: Active Contributor carlos.arredondo | Posted ‎03-21-2013 07:25 AM

Greetings dan.szymanski,


What does this mean? It's possible that this be included in an Autodesk Inventor future release?

Thank you so much!

By: Contributor neil.hamilton | Posted ‎07-03-2013 06:03 AM

Solidworks and ProE solved this problem years ago. I think Inventor is pretty good, and am new to it. I am really surprised this is an issue! I will look into "grounding" to see what that is.


In the meantime, Inventor Folks, please fix this ASAP!!!

By: Contributor steve.west | Posted ‎01-09-2015 06:57 AM

I posted a similar idea before I found this. This is a major issue for me. I had large assemblies fall apart before realiseing that mirrored parts weren't constrained. I have to manually ground each mirrored part. Very time consuming and essential to do.

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