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Workstation and video card to run Inventor 2013 (Is HP-Z820 good?)

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07-30-2012 12:47 AM



I am buying a workstation to run Inventor 2013 as as other programs.


Anybody has experience with the HP-Z820 workstation? Is it fast and silent?

I am considering the Xeon E5-2687W or the 2690.Which of the following video

card do you recommend? Is the Quadro 6000 overkilled?


  • Entry 3D:NVIDIA Quadro 410(available soon),ATI FirePro™ V3900,NVIDIA Quadro 600,ATI FirePro™ V4900
  • Mid-range 3D:NVIDIA Quadro 2000,AMD FirePro™ V5900
  • High-end 3D: NVIDIA Quadro 4000,AMD FirePro™ V7900,NVIDIA Quadro 5000,NVIDIA Quadro 6000,NVIDIA Tesla C2075


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Re: Workstation and video card to run Inventor 2013 (Is HP-Z820 good?)

07-30-2012 12:56 AM in reply to: hajimeml

By the way, I prefer a very very quiet system.

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Re: Workstation and video card to run Inventor 2013 (Is HP-Z820 good?)

07-30-2012 01:20 AM in reply to: hajimeml

have you looked through this forum - LOTS of posts about hardware configs...


you've not said anything about your work-load and how heavily you're expecting to push this system, so how can anyone say whether anything is either suitable or even overkill?  Due to this I wrote the 1st line - not wanting to be rude, but you've not answered questions that usually get asked pretty quickly in any hardware thread.  (note - saying you work with 10k part assemblies might help, but it's really the complexity of each of these parts that matter - a few v complex parts with lots of surfaces can be more taxing that a large assembly, so you need to use some judgement here).


What software are you running?  If it's only Inventor, Windows and things like MS Office then use a GeForce gaming card.  If you're using any other cad software (like Solid Works) then the need for a Quadro comes into play.  Inventor uses a gaming graphical system (DirectX) so a gaming card works well, other software use something called OpenGL which works better with a Quadro/Fire card.  Also, Inventor doesn't use multiple gpu (at the moment) so a Tesla card will just sit there and collect dust... 


Without knowing anything at all about your work I'd be looking at:

fast Ivy Bridge i5 (or the i7 if you do lots of rendering, FEA or Moldflow).

decent gaming mobo

128-256gb sata3 SSD

500gb-1tb mechanical hard disk (optional - probably only needed if you work with a lot of local data) 

GeForce GTX 670

12gb high speed ram

probably need about a 600-700W PSU for that (for long-term use considering capacitor-aging). 


basically a decent gaming system is a good start for an Inventor system... 

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Re: Workstation and video card to run Inventor 2013 (Is HP-Z820 good?)

07-30-2012 02:16 AM in reply to: sam_m

I plan to run: Inventor, Solidworks, Matlab/Simulink. Perhaps also motion builder and 3Ds Max.


I imported a complex assembly with lots of parts into my MacBook Pro 2010 (i7, 8GB RAM). It went ok but when I tried to rotate the assembly with the best rendering on, the lag was very bad.


I don't have the model on my current computer. I cannot tell the number of parts yet. There are indeed lots of complex small parts.

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