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'workspace' greyed out in ipj dialogue box (see attached image)

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12-18-2013 12:26 AM



As you can see from the attached image, the workspace is greyed  out in the ipj dialogue box - Ive never seen this happen before, but I dont know how to modify it. 


Please help!!!!

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Re: 'workspace' greyed out in ipj dialogue box (see attached image)

12-18-2013 01:08 AM in reply to: Infallable
The only ipj i had that showed the same thing was the default ipj, but it was easily fixed by right-clicking on the workspace and selecting "add path".

So, as far as i can tell, the word "workspace" being gray only means that there is no directory set.

Can you fix it by adding a path?

Using IV2015 Pro SP1 - upd.2, Win7-64bit
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