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Wish List-Need part list option

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10-26-2012 12:56 PM

We make detail sheets with views of various parts all on one sheet & it would be great (save time) to be able to create a plist by selecting the views of each. These parts may or may not all eventually reside in a subasy together so I need them to be individual part views.


I just don't want the overhead of making a view of an entire assembly over & over again to show parts & making all but the one part invisible in each view, even using View Rep/LOD. Besides some parts might not reside in the same assembly.


As it is I have to create individual part lists for every part.

Is there a way to do this now I'm not aware of, maybe?





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Re: Wish List-Need part list option

10-26-2012 07:38 PM in reply to: gcross


In our shop, we used to do the same thing (multiple parts on one sheet). It had been that way for "years".  We tried to duplicate this with Inventor but it was causing us so much grief.  We finally decided it was not worth it and are now using the one-sheet-one-part matra.  Works so much better now.


There are ways to do what you are asking for, but they all require manual editing/hiding/typing.  All are prone to errors that cause trouble downstream.


There has been (at one time) quite a bit of discussion on here about this topic.

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