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Where to give the revision number

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11-29-2012 11:00 PM

Where to give the revision number to get automatically my revision is zero, now i wanna make to revision 1. how to change  ?????.

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Re: Where to give the revision number

11-30-2012 08:00 AM in reply to: viveksriramr

if the revision in your title block is taken from your idw iProperties then you can put the revision value into the iProperty directly.


if you place a revision table on your idw then right click on the table and choose "add revision" then it will bump the revision in your iProperty and at the same time you will see your title block update.


if the title block defenition does not read the iProperty then you can edit the title block definition, edit the rev text within that, and add the value to read from the idw iProperty.


try to just hit F1 (help) for more information whilst ininventor and while in the command, or search inventor wiki help for some more info.

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Re: Where to give the revision number

11-30-2012 11:47 AM in reply to: viveksriramr

Like Mark has outlined in setting up the revision to be property driven, if you have vault

you can have this revision update automatically if you bump the revision level in the vault.

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