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What? - messages removed/one left

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11-08-2002 06:45 AM
The messages on the "rumor" that Inventor 6 is being pulled from
production have been removed. The only meaningful message is
quoted below.
Anne Brown
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Re: What?
Fri, 8 Nov 2002 07:34:32 -0800

Here is responce that was posted a few days ago after I asked the
same question.


I have heard a number of issues from your customers concerning
Inventor 6 quality. Most of these issues have focused on
drawing manager. My team has met with a key members of our
technical sales team and with customers to define the scope of
the problem. In response to this we are producing an Inventor 6
service pack. The service pack will be available for download
on November 15. Code development work for the service pack is
largely completed and it is currently under final test and
being qualified for release. Over 600 customer issues spanning
the entire product have been resolved. I will forward a separate
detail list of fixes to MCAD TECH FAM later this week. Following
is a high level summary:


Around 90 issues have been resolved that deal specifically with
parts, most of the issues are priority 2 and 3. Memory leaks
which lead to capacity issues have been fixed. Issues with
features failing to update which are dependent on loft, thicken
delete face operations have been fixed. Some key Autodesk Shape
Manager fixes have also been incorporated including fixes
for specific fillet and loft crashes. A bug that limited emboss
functionality has been removed.


In assemblies we have resolved around 80 issues, most having to
do with constraints. This includes several issues with
transitional constraints and adaptive assemblies. Limitations
with constraining adaptive assemblies to non-adaptive assemblies
have been fixed. Certain iMate fixes have been introduced. In
addition, a large set of special weldment cases has been
resolved. Specifically, weld symbols jumping, failing fillet
welds, issues with creating welds have been fixed.


Over 200 fixes for the service pack have been in drawings. Issues
related to specific migration problems, holes and hole tables,
and performance and capacity for view creation of very large
assemblies have been fixed. Over 30 crashes have been fixed.
Some specific issues that have been resolved include:

- Crash getting all dimensions from a derived part with a

- Crash after save when copy/paste a sheet with projected view.

- Crash when cursor crosses the section arrow during section view

- Crash annotating to some legacy section views.

- Annotations do not stay attached to view geometry on assembly

- Weld annotations not recovered in a specific drawing view.

- Assembly demote causes part list numbering to jump.

- Drawing cannot be opened after deleting a component from .ipn’s

- Breakout view causes crosshatch to be wrong.


A relatively small number of issues have been fixed in Data
Exchange, Content Library, API, Sheet Metal and Surfacing.

Best Regards,

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